Jessica Walther

Jess is a professional musician turned Yoga teacher. Having taught non-stop since qualifying in 2019, Jess specializes in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Vinyasa Flow.

You can expect a big focus on the connection to breath and movement during her classes, as well as lots of mindfulness and meditative practices too.

Her teaching style is very approachable, dynamic, full of laughter and suitable for absolute beginners to intermediate yogis.

Apart from music and yoga, Jess is an avid animal lover, beekeeper, conservationist and organic veg grower and loves long walks on the beach, reading romantic novels and praying for world peace!

Rhiannon Kitson

Rhi had led a very active lifestyle before she first encountered yoga back in 2011. Yoga soon influenced her outlook on life and had a huge impact on her wellbeing.

Yoga gave Rhi permission to slow down her mind, move her body in ways she was never capable of and even repair the ACL tear in her left knee she sustained through skiing. Rhi quickly learnt that the role of a yoga teacher is one that is both wonderfully exciting and a never-ending journey of exploration and learning.

Her desire to teach and bring her teacher training to life quickly became a reality when she launched herself under the name ‘Fluid Fox Yoga’.

Rhi specialises in Vinyasa and Yin yoga. Her teaching style emphasises three intertwined areas: physical alignment, the flow of energy and mindfulness. Her classes and workshops will help you open and unblock your body, develop a deeper awareness of yourself with a focus on living in the moment.

Paula Harrison

Movement has always been Paula’s passion and she loves sharing this through yoga to help you connect with yourself and to find ease and balance in the mind, breathe and body.

She has been teaching a wide range of classes for 25 years and has been inspired most by the training she did with the unique Yoga Like Water.

Paula hopes in class that as well as some energising flowing movement she can give you space to connect to your inner guide that can help you not just when you practise but in day to day life too.

Outside of the studio Paula loves spending time outdoors with her family and dogs, connecting to nature, running, growing veggies and trying to live a simpler, kinder more sustainable life.

Kate Reybould

Kate’s fascination with yoga has always focused around the concept of strength and it’s application to the strength of our spirit, our mental state, our determination, and of course our body. Kate began practicing yoga in 2011 whilst living in South Korea where she discovered it as part of the regular discipline of the Buddhist Monks there – beginning as a place of solace and retreat, since then her approach to it has developed into something much more dynamic and energetic, yet she still loves to involve yogic philosophy in her teachings.

Kate teaches both Vinyasa Flow and Yin as she loves the way the Yin and Yang complement each other so beautifully. In her classes you can expect to be challenged and taken through a lively sequence – taking you through the poses in great detail, Kate wants you to find ‘your yoga’ and feel safe in her company to completely let go. Ultimately she aims to provide a space where you can happily escape for an hour, be completely authentic and have fun! Kate still sees herself as very early on in her yoga journey and loves to approach every student with the same ethos, that we are all on this journey together and that each time we come to the mat we are offered the beautiful opportunity for growth and nourishment.

If you can’t find Kate on her yoga mat then you’ll find her tootling around the coast in her camper van with her Welsh Terrier and her paddle board.

Sharon Jackson

Sharon Jackson (Yoga Alliance RYT 200) is a well-travelled yogi where she developed her passion for yoga many years ago in India. Returning to this wonderful country, she trained under the Julia McCabe School of Yoga, completing her learning in ‘The Art and Sacred Science of Yoga’.

Sharon has been a dedicated yogi for several years and after spending over 15 years teaching children in the classroom, she decided to retrain as a Yoga teacher. Her skills lie in weaving creativity into her classes through the magic of props and directing students to listen and observe what their bodies need through movement and clear instruction.

Sharon enjoys offering modifications in classes so that each session is accessible for all levels.

Sharon loves guiding beginners and her kind nature and fun, personable approach makes students feel completely at ease in her care.

Zoe Lucock

Zoe’s been practicing yoga for over 10 years after being drawn to it to help with aches and pains from running.

Her style of teaching is uplifting, playful and modern but with roots in the ancient practice. You’ll hear her quote Buddha, talk about the chakras but play upbeat music & encourage everyone to have fun in class!

She teaches dynamic Vinyasa-style classes at Fettle & Flow with plenty of options for varying levels. Outside of class she’ll be cooking, feeding or eating!